Community Engagement

Reengaging Youth within your Community as Leaders

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The Program.

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Our community engagement programs are designed and created to instil resilience, confidence and ownership in your young people that leave them feeling the desire to empower their peers to step up as leaders. 

We recognise that now is the time that we must together support our teenagers across Australia through and beyond COVID 19, providing them with the skills to be influential leaders within your community.

Our ‘For Youth, By Youth’ approach, allows us to understand firsthand the adversities and challenges we as young people face, which is why we have the ability to create such strong connections with all the young people that pass through our programs. 

With the support of this program and your team, we can together create a profound impact throughout your community.

Our Services

Tailor Made Programs

Your Community. Your Program.

We recognise that each community will have different
objectives and dynamics. We will work directly with your team to create a tailor made program to suit the
needs of your community.

Program Facilitation

Professionally Trained facilitators.

All of our facilitators have had a minimum of 5 years experience within the Youth Leadership industry. This ensures your school and students receive a professional and impactful experience.

Post Event Program

Sustaining Momentum.

We understand lasting change takes time, this is why we have created a 3 month post event program to reinforce student's understanding and maximise future success.

Our Process

Part 1: Training

The first part of the program is training, and we will work with you to determine what skills, tools and learnings you would like your young people to be equipped with.

Part 2: Student Led Initiatives

Part two of the program is Student Led Initiatives (SLI). Participants will identify problems within your community that impact them, then be supported to create a plan to solve this issue—empowering them to realise the importance of their voice and how they can make an impact.

Part 3: Post Event Program

Finally, we will work with you to develop a post event program to support students maintain that momentum that they had at the program to allow these initiatives to come to life.

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Featured Sessions

Below we have listed a variety of our most popular sessions. Read a summary of each by clicking the title. There are many other sessions available which we will discuss throughout the creation of your program.

Discovering Leadership

Leadership is read, displayed and represented differently dependant on the person. We understand that for many teenagers it is hard to recognise that they are a leader, and leadership is about more than the badge. Students will discover their personal leadership style, whilst also understanding the other styles. This will allow them to realise their importance they hold as a member of society.

Power of Teamwork

Through a range of different hands on activities students will learn the importance of working together collaboratively instead of competing. This will allow them to realise how valuable teamwork is within their school, work and life.

Effective Communication

Communicating in the 21st Century is consistently changing with technology. Students will learn the different levels of verbal and non verbal communication and the impact technology has on communication.

Goal Setting

Students will be equipped with a number of different goal setting techniques and will leave the room with the urge to take action. They will also get the opportunity to visualise their goals and create their own goal setting plan.

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