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Jason is a typical hard working Western Australian carpenter. Since he was a young boy, Jason has had the dream to do something huge. 


In May 2016 Jason climbed to the summit of Mount Everest.

In September of 2017, he completed the 32km English Channel swim, becoming the first Australian and just the eighth person in the world to have completed both. 

In April of 2019,  Jason completed the Marathon Des Sables, running across more than 200km of the Sahara Desert in just six days.  


Collectively, these three immense achievements are known as the Ice, Water, Fire Challenge. Jason is the second person ever to have completed all three.


Jason's aim was to raise money and awareness for Mitch Cleary, a close family friend who was left with permanent brain injuries after he was punched outside a nightclub in 2013. Since first deciding to climb Everest, Jason has raised thousands of dollars for Mitch's medical expenses.


Jason's story teaches valuable lessons about resilience, motivation, mateship and showing gratitude for life's privileges by seizing every opportunity to make a positive impact.