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Duku has a strong dedication to imbuing inspiration to the greater community and demonstrates this through his enthusiasm he has for community activism. On the journey from the Ugandan refugee camp where he was born to representing Australia at the United Nations Headquarters, Duku has had some incredible life experiences. His charismatic spirit and belief in his message have led to him becoming an internationally renowned inspirational speaker, Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, UN Youth Delegate and LinkedIn Youth Editor. 

Duku was born with a speech impediment and was raised in an Ugandan refugee camp. But opportunity arose at age ten when, upon being granted a refugee visa, his entire family relocated to Australia. Arriving on foreign shores, he had very limited English abilities. This led to Duku struggling in school, unable to quickly learn the language and being occasionally bullied as he could not speak well. Duku was not one to take these insults lying down and unfortunately, started getting into fist fights with his tormenters resulting in his expulsion.

It was at this point that Duku realised that he was taking the first strides down a wrong path and needed to make a change. Understanding where his poor choices would lead him, Duku overcame life’s challenges and now dreams to inspire and challenge others to see life in a different light. S


tarting his dream journey of becoming a public speaker in his bathroom, Duku knew that the road ahead would be challenging. However, he believed that whenever you have a dream/goal/idea you do not need to be great to start but you need to get started to be great. This approach of tackling his goals head-on has resulted in many opportunities for Duku. He has been invited to travel to various conferences, events and schools to inspire others, as well as being selected to be an Australian Delegate at the UN Youth Assembly which was held at the organisation’s NY headquarters.
In the broader community, Duku is a person known to accomplish whatever he sets his mind towards.  Duku continues to chase after his dreams and make strides for societal change.


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