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In 2016, Heather was named New South Wales, Local Woman of the Year, for her dedication and unwavering commitment to magnifying the human spirit.


Heather has been heavily involved in leading and facilitating youth leadership development programs internationally for the past 5 years. She has help organisations like Scouts Australia and the Anthony Robbins Foundation to develop core content in the space of leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, contribution, bullying, and kindness.

She is a director on the board of of I am a Boat Person; a refugee empowerment charity, an inspirational storyteller and connector in her social enterprise The Kindness Hub, and consultant for leading universities in Australia. Heather helps universities to re-imagine the ways they equip graduates to lead the future. With a smile on her face and the belief that ‘every stranger is a friend you haven't met yet’,
Heather is an artist when it comes to connection and the power of play, reminding friends old and new to have faith in kindness.


With everything in life, I am always looking for new ways to add value to our world - if you have a project idea or somewhere you would love this message to be shared, please reach out.

When kindness is involved, the answer is usually yes.