What is Lightbulb?

Lightbulb💡is an online leadership program created to support teenagers, parents and schools. Youth Leadership Academy Australia refers to the 'Lightbulb' providing youth with the skills to shine and brighten communities within our world through and beyond these uncertain times.

Powered by Youth Leadership Academy Australia it follows the same For Youth, By Youth approach with the facilitator of the program being CEO, Wil Massara.

This program will support your teenager to...

Become empowered to realise their leadership potential

Step outside their comfort zone and grow as a person

Discover the power of teamwork and collaboration instead of competition

Learn techniques of wellbeing and self care and why it is necessary

Become more comfortable with the themselves through developing confidence

Aquire the ability to be committed and resilient changemakers

AND so much more.

Program Features

Weekly Lessons

This program releases new lessons every single week. We prepare these lessons based on the feedback from students and parents.

Parent Updates

We will support you as a parent to understand what your child is learning and provide you with techniques to engage with their learning.

Live Classes

Allowing students to connect with other like minded young people through our live interactive classes. This is an opportunity for youth to also connect with our facilitators.

What our program covers...

Leadership Styles
Setting and Achieving Goals
Self Confidence
Collaboration and Teamwork
Commitment and Resilience
Comfort Zone Limitations
Time Management
Adapting to Change
Wellbeing and Self Care
Effective Communication
Critical Thinking


An investment in your teenager, a future leader of the world.

Access a library of interactive lessons, activities, videos and tasks through our Lightbulb program.

School packages are available please fill out the form below to recieve a quote.



  • 24/7 access to online content

  • Weekly lessons

  • Fortnightly parent updates

  • Monthly live classes

  • Online Community (coming soon)

$15 per week

billed monthly.


  • All 'Leader' benefits

  • Assigned professionally trained mentor

  • Weekly mentoring call

  • Monthly parent update call

$75 per week

billed monthly.