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Youth Leadership Academy Australia, an organisation specialising in providing and expanding the skills of youth outside those typical of the education system, have announced they will be hosting the WA Youth Leadership Con. in Perth on the 28th August 2018.

Wil Massara, 15 has recently launched the Youth Leadership Academy Australia (YLA Australia) alongside operations manager Maddie Hedderwick, 20.

YLA Australia was formed in February in 2018 with one key objective, to establish a more positively sustainable future. YLA Australia with the assistance of mentors have established a strategic plan on how to reach as many young people as possible.

“Whilst youth are only 25% of today, they are 100% of tomorrow and we must focus on teaching them skills that will lead to a healthy future for all of us, and that’s what we are here to do” stated Wil, Chief Executive Officer of YLA Australia. “Our line-up of nationally respected speakers will make a large impact on lives and communities across our incredible state.”

The WA Youth Leadership Con. will feature 4 major speakers that will focus on teaching skills in Leadership, Communication, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship. These include self-made millionaire, Anna Richards, extreme sports athlete Jason Snell, youth and adolescent psychologist Jordan Foster and mental health professional Alisha Van Schoonhoven. YLA Australia strongly believes that together with the help of the community they will be able to make a big impact on our state.

Wil and Maddie have both achieved so much at young ages including Wil being a finalist in the WA Youth Awards for Community Leadership and Maddie as an elected Office Bearer of the UWA Student Guild. Maddie and Wil are also heavily involved in the Magic Moments Foundation and more specifically their Youth Leadership and Business Summit held each year in Sydney. Recently Wil was awarded the 2018 International Young Philanthropist Scholarship by Regan Hillyer International, a scholarship awarded to someone aged under 17 who they believe has the capacity to potentially change the world.

As a student, Wil is very aware of the gaps that prevent youth from realising their full potential, instead of encouraging them to become the next generation of change makers in our demanding world. YLA Australia aims to represent youth being held back by the education system across Australia and the globe as they expand internationally over the coming years. YLA Australia hopes to maintain a system where they can provide opportunities to youth by contracting them as young professionals for their organisation.

Our schools need to help our students become leaders and innovators in this ever-changing world.

YLA Australia Team