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Are you ready to level up in all aspects of your life?

Here at YLAA, we understand that young people are growing up in a world where the rate of change is faster than ever - and this applies across the board, to technology, social issues, expectations, and communication. Our schools aren’t being equipped with the resources and adaptability to effectively prepare students for an ever-evolving future. 
That’s where we’re trying to help.

Introducing Leadify: Youth Leadership Academy’s on-demand learning platform for Australian students, helping to prepare young people with the diverse and complex skills and knowledge to navigate successfully through the world.

There are 3 core pillars of Leadify:


With our on demand platform you will have access to Short-form learning content - enabling you to learn and absorb lessons in short bursts and apply them to your life. Additionally - Masterclasses for longer, more complex issues, we’re bringing in a range of experts and public figures to present to you. 

Exclusive Events

Opportunities for mentorship, personalised development and learning, hands-on workshops helping students to improve their lives and prepare for the future, and even an in-person, intensive leadership camp for promising young people…


You will have the opportunity to connect and meet with likeminded young people through the training and events. Through an online community students will be able to connect and be supported by one another.

Critical Development Areas in Leadify

These pillars have been chosen not only because they’re important to get right, but because we know they’re subjects that aren’t being adequately available for our young people - and if they are, it’s often to an inadequate standard that isn’t keeping up with the rate of change of the real world. This is echoing the feedback young people are giving us - frustration at the critical skills they aren’t learning at school but are expected to apply and get right once they leave. There aren’t many people teaching them why they need to register to vote, or how to choose a super plan, for instance. We want to change that, and we want to provide the knowledge across subjects that we think make for holistic, informed, individuals in their interactions with the world - as well as building a community of self-aware young people with a deep commitment to improving themselves and the world around them. 

Life Skills

Financial Literacy


Social Issues

Health & Wellbeing

Business and Entrepreneurship

Personal Devolopment

Study Skills

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