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YLAA Secondary School Programs

Designed to inspire, strengthen and empower secondary school leaders.

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YLAA in your school.

Run for youth, by youth; our school programs are guaranteed to have an effect on your school and community, leaving positive lasting change. As young people ourselves, we understand your students, and are uniquely positioned to build incredible rapport efficiently, creating a more impactful, more meaningful experience for each student.

From reengaging students within their school and communities as leaders, to giving them the skills to set and achieve their goals with steps supported by scientific research, we'll work with you to design a tailor-made program that achieves each of your objectives.  

3 Principles of YLAA Programs


Your School, Your Program.

We know every single school has different objectives. This requires both a specialised program and a budget tailored to your needs. We have never run two identical programs!


Professionally trained facilitators.

All of our facilitators have had a minimum  of four years experience within the Youth Leadership industry. This ensures your school and students receive a professional and impactful experience.


Sustaining Momentum.

We understand lasting change does not happen in one day, this is why we have created a three month post-event program to reinforce student's understanding and maximise future success.

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YLAA Program Portfolio

Redefining Leadership (Year 7 and 8)

This workshop challenges traditional notions of leadership, shifting focus from leadership as ego, to leadership as a practice of service and as a mindset for personal growth.

Core Themes: 

Leadership, resilience, flexibility goal setting, collaboration

Program Group: 

Grades 7 and 8

Program Length: 

Half to full-day workshop

Number of Students: 

up to 300 students

The Changemakers (Year 9 and 10)

This program empowers young people to take charge of their leadership potential by first taking charge of their inner emotional landscape.

Core Themes: 

Leadership, critical thinking, communication, flexibility, and creating change.

Program Group: 

Grades 9 and 10

Program Length: 

Two day workshop

Number of Students: 

up to 300 students

The Influencers (Year 9 and 10)

This workshop builds students’ awareness of their power to be positive role models and change agents in their community, and equips them with the confidence, communication skills, and self-awareness to take charge of their mindset and have a positive influence on those around them.

Core Themes: 

Leadership, social media, relationships, wellbeing and boundaries

Program Group: 

Grades 9 and 10

Program Length: 

Half to full-day workshop

Number of Students: 

up to 300 students

Leadership Academy (Year 11 and 12)

This workshop aims to tackle the challenges, burdens, and insecurities that young people feel hold them back in their transition to adulthood.

Core Themes: 

Leadership, integrity, collaboration and community

Program Group: 

Grades 11 and 12

Program Length: 

Half to full-day workshop

Number of Students: 

up to 300 students

Student Leaders Workshop (SRC)

This one-day workshop enhances student leadership groups’ capacity for developing and implementing positive tools for change in their schools and communities.

Core Themes: 

Leadership, collaboration, community, and adaptability

Program Group: 

Student Leadership Body / Youth Council

Program Length: 

Full-day workshop

Number of Students: 

Up to 50 students

YLAA's Three E Approach


Through real life examples, case studies and academic research, facilitators will create and build purpose behind each element of learning for students. We recognise that when a 'why' is attached to a skillset, students are much more likely to 'buy in' to the workshop and actively participate.


Program facilitators will provide students with a variety of different techniques to become equipped with the skillset, and allow them to practice this through role play, activities, and collaboration.


The final step of any skillset is empowering students to understand their responsibility and to step up as leaders and actively implement it into their own lives, their teams, schools and communities.

YLAA's Extensive Portfolio of Skillsets











Our Results

of YLAA students felt more prepared to lead their school after the program.

of YLAA students felt more prepared for the future after the program.

of our students and teachers would recommend YLAA programs to other schools.

The Process

Stage 1

Program Enquiry Sent!

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Once received a YLAA team member will call you to discuss further and book your one on one consultation.

Stage 2

One on One Consultation

YLAA School Representative discusses program & desired outcomes with you.

Stage 3

Program & Proposal Sent

A draft program  of how YLAA could support your school with & proposal is sent for your perusal.

Stage 4

Acceptance & Program Design

Once accepted our schools team will work with you closely to design the program to meet your desired outcomes.

Stage 5

Program, Feedback & Resources

Your tailor-made program is facilitated at your school, feedback is received and post-program resources are provided to support your school.

Talk to our Team.

Our schools team are ready to listen and support your students to become strong influential leaders that leave a legacy of positive change within your school.

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We have supported over 750 schools in developing their students ability to lead themselves, their schools and our communities across Australia.

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