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YLAA Primary School Programs

Nurturing young minds into becoming powerful leaders.

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Here at YLAA, we believe wholeheartedly in taking care of the youngest members of our community. We love our primary school programs! These passion projects have been born from the understanding that the youngest members of society have a powerful, important message to share. We are inspired by the local and global voices of young people who consistently demonstrate the power of youth in leading social and environmental change.

Our primary school programs have been designed to nurture young minds into becoming powerful leaders in their own communities through experiential education. Our programs have been mindfully designed to focus on building confidence, resilience,

3 Principles of YLAA Programs


Your School, Your Program.

We know every single school has different objectives. This requires both a specialised program and a budget tailored to your needs. We have never run two identical programs!


Professionally trained facilitators.

All of our facilitators have had a minimum  of four years experience within the Youth Leadership industry. This ensures your school and students receive a professional and impactful experience.


Sustaining Momentum.

We understand lasting change does not happen in one day, this is why we have created a three month post-event program to reinforce student's understanding and maximise future success.

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YLAA's Extensive Portfolio of Skillsets








Our Goal

We find that our youngest students are an ever-inspiring cohort who bring a sense of energy and inspiration that can dissolve over time as young people enter the stress and pressure of adulthood. We aim to nurture the inner child within every student and let them know that their voice matters, and that the impact that they can make on the world by being exactly who they are, is profound. 

The Process

Stage 1

Program Enquiry Sent!

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Stage 2

One on One Consultation

YLAA School Representative discusses program & desired outcomes with you.

Stage 3

Program & Proposal Sent

A draft program  of how YLAA could support your school with & proposal is sent for your perusal.

Stage 4

Acceptance & Program Design

Once accepted our schools team will work with you closely to design the program to meet your desired outcomes.

Stage 5

Program, Feedback & Resources

Your tailor-made program is facilitated at your school, feedback is received and post-program resources are provided to support your school.

Talk to our Team.

Our schools team are ready to listen and support your students to become strong influential leaders that leave a legacy of positive change within your school.

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