About YLAA

Our Mission

Build a positively sustainable future through youth leadership and empowerment.

Our Vision

To ensure all young people have access to skills that empower them, regardless of their financial situation.

Who are we?

Youth Leadership Academy Australia is a for-youth, by-youth organisation, created with the aim of building a positively sustainable future by equipping the youth of today with the skills to be leaders tomorrow. We empower students to become engaged with their school and community and use their voice to create positive change.

85% of students leave school feeling unprepared for the future. Through our events and programs, we are determined to build a platform of incredible youth who have the energy to inspire others. Together as a team, we want to make an impact on not only tomorrow but for decades to come.

Our Values


Continuous improvement, developing a more impactful way to teach whilst adapting to the needs of the participants.


Create a long-lasting impact that continues to ripple throughout communities.


Create an environment where both our team and young people can develop and grow


We take ownership of the impact we have as a company and ensure we measure ourselves against the highest level of results


Readily adapt and embrace change, and become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

How we make an impact

Our action-packed youth leadership conferences and events are designed to equip young people with the skills and confidence to be leaders in their communities, and to take charge of their futures. Delivered by renowned professionals and inspirational young leaders, our primary school and high school events will inspire, strengthen and empower your future leaders.
We work with you to craft tailor-made school and community leadership programs suited for your young leaders and your community’s needs. We prioritise our for-youth, by-youth approach, which enables our program leaders to connect with and inspire young participants. All of our facilitators have had a minimum of 5 years experience within the Youth Leadership industry, and we follow up all our programs with an intensive 3-month post-event program, designed to reinforce the skills taught in the program and maximise the momentum created by your young leaders.
Our online programs and communities provide accessible support, resources, and connection for young people and leaders across the country. YLAA prioritises equity and strongly believes that all youth, regardless of their background or location, should have access to high-quality educational and leadership resources, in order to be empowered with the skills and inspiration to take their futures into their own hands. 
We collaborate with incredibly inspiring people who share our vision of a positively sustainable future in which all young people can thrive and achieve their greatest potential. We share the stories and lessons of successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and philanthropists to engage and inspire young leaders to step up and change the world around them.
We engage with, and share conversation with, those who support young people in their endeavours and futures, in order to provide youth-centred, innovative advice and guidance on the issues facing youth today.
In 2021 we are taking a fresh approach to our operations, expanding our research and development arm to ensure that we can continue to provide effective, relevant, and tailored experiences to youth across the country. We stay ahead of the trends and ensure that the information we deliver is best designed to equip youth with the tools to be leaders not only today, but in the future.