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"Young people, when informed and empowered, when they realize that what they do truly makes a difference, can indeed change the world."

- Jane Goodall

This was one of the best leadership days I have ever been to with our students. We all learned different things and all can bring them to the table when making our school a better place. It inspired us in different and similar ways that all enjoyed, students loved it and were excited to go to school to see what we can implement.

Student Leadership and SRC Coordinator

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I loved seeing how enthusiastic my students were after the conference. They spoke all about their ideas on the train back home. They invited one of the guest speakers from the conference to our school and continued to make the reference of the conference throughout the year. It is most definitely a conference that will ignite a fire in your student leadership team

Nina Rihani
Secondary Coordinator

The conference was very practical and provided many simple skills that our students will be able to implement in the future. The vibes were great and I liked how the presenters made students feel comfortable to speak with them and sought students out during breaks. The day was aimed at the age group very well and the speakers were engaging and inspiring.

Senior Deputy Principal

"Creating meaningful change” was one of many inspiring messages embraced by our Student Leaders at the YLAA Conference in 2022. Dynamic yet humble, the speakers this year demonstrated that one person really can make a difference in this world, and that age is no barrier to achieving the extraordinary. This conference enabled our students to ignite their passion for leadership and was an outstanding reminder that opportunities abound, and it is up to them to make the most of what is in front of them. We cannot wait to include our Student Leaders in future conferences and encourage all schools to invest in their leaders by providing them with the opportunity to attend.

Student Leadership Coordinator

After attending the event, I feel that my student team will thrive this year. The event was very well managed and very organised. The students found the event very inspirational and now have set many future goals for themselves. The guest speakers were inspirational and have achieved so much in such young years.

Senior Leader: Wellbeing and Inclusion

Having the event run by youth for youth, and also having a speaker with an abundance of life experience who show that age is no barrier was excellent. There were many powerful and engaging speakers, and the activities that get students moving around & meeting each other were great.

Year 11 Advisor

That conference was fantastic. The students loved it and grew from the experience. Due to COVID-19 I attended the hybrid session on a big screen in our Conference Room with our Head Girl and Boy. They were completely immersed as if they were there. They both commented at the end that they had learned a lot and felt confident about what they had learned.

Deputy Principal

The SEDA College student leaders left the conference feeling motivated and inspired. Dynamic, diverse and entertaining presenters, coupled with the high energy levels in the room, ensured that our young people were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day.

Director of Student Experience

Seda College SA

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