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"Young people, when informed and empowered, when they realize that what they do truly makes a difference, can indeed change the world."

- Jane Goodall

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7 Tips for the Start of Year 12

by Wil Massara on 9th Nov 2021
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8 Tips for the Start of Year 11

by Wil Massara on 9th Nov 2021
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9 Tips for the Start of Year 10

by Wil Massara on 9th Nov 2021
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YLAA's Conference was so well planned and delivered, challenging students to reflect on their own style of leadership and skills along the way such as public speaking and the importance of mindset in setting achievable goals.  The Changemaker Panel was incredible - inspiring students through such exceptional examples of achieving and having that chance for students to ask questions to other youth on their leadership journeys was incredibly beneficial.  Our students come back to school with not only motivation but the tools to turn a thought into a program benefiting our community.

Catherine, Head of Student Leadership

The YLAA Conference in 2021 inspired the young leaders from our school to dream big and think creativity. It encouraged them to consider the power that young people possess, and the ways in which they can use it to better the world. I would recommend this conference to any schools that wish to assist their student leaders with realising and following their passions.

Charlotte, Secondary Music and Maths Teacher

The SEDA College student leaders left the 2021 conference feeling motivated and inspired. Dynamic, diverse and entertaining presenters, coupled with the high energy levels in the room, ensured that our young people were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day.

Dana, Director of Student Experiance

I loved seeing how enthusiastic my students were after the conference. They spoke all about their ideas on the train back home. They invited one of the guest speakers from the conference to our school and continued to make the reference of the conference throughout the year. It is most definitely a conference that will ignite a fire in your student leadership team

Nina Rihani, Secondary Coordinator

Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School