The Humans Behind the Mission.

Meet the YLAA Family

The Team

Wil Massara
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Wil is a 18-year-old social entrepreneur, committed to supporting youth across the globe to realise their true potential. After attending a Youth Leadership Camp at 14, Wil left inspired to make a change within his school, community and country, and began his leadership journey. This drive led to the birth of Youth Leadership Academy Australia. Now, Wil has the opportunity to travel internationally and share his story, allowing young people to realise their age does not determine their ability to achieve extraordinary things.

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Jae Brieffies

Student Engagement Officer

Laura Leeson

Schools Relationship Officer

Our 'For Youth, by Youth' Approach.

Wil Massara started Youth Leadership Academy Australia at just 15 years old, understanding the problems, struggles and adversities young people face first-hand. Our 100% for-youth, by-youth leadership team and approach to operations has allowed Youth Leadership Academy Australia to easily build trust and rapport with students, ultimately ensuring stronger outcomes for students.

We are committed to ensuring that all young people are equipped with relevant leadership skills and knowledge to build a positively sustainable future. Furthermore, we recognise how the ripple effect of youth teaching youth can achieve this, throughout communities all across Australia and beyond.

Leaders of today: YLAA’s Youth Advisory Board

Youth Leadership Academy Australia is committed to enabling all young people to build the successful future of their dreams. We believe that we can only accomplish this goal when young people are empowered to seek opportunity for themselves and their peers, and when they have the genuine capacity to make decisions regarding their futures. 

As our organisation continues to evolve, we want to make sure that we continue to represent and empower the voices of youth in their own affairs. That’s why we have created our first Youth Advisory Board - not only to ensure that our students’ interests are at the core of every aspect of our organisation, but also to give the young people we serve the opportunity to develop themselves personally, whilst contributing to our mission of ensuring a sustainable future for all youth.

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Volunteering Opportunities

If you share our vision of an empowered future for all young people, we’d love you to join us as a volunteer at any YLAA event throughout the year.

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