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What is LeaderUp?

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The World Economic Forum reports that the top skills which will be required for work by 2025 include innovation, analytical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and ideation - skills which our nation’s students are missing out on in their everyday schooling. 

Our commitment to the long-term development of our students is what makes Youth Leadership Academy Australia different in its approach to these issues.

LeaderUp is Youth Leadership Academy Australia’s plan to empower students with the skills and confidence to make change in their schools and communities, and achieve their greatest potential as leaders, both now and in the future. 
Combining a 10-week design incubator for school-based programs, and applicable, skills-based powerclasses, LeaderUp is a platform aiming to supercharge young people’s leadership, teamwork, and innovation. Students will develop an initiative in order to address challenges in their schools and communities, and will be mentored through the process of planning, implementation, and evaluating their project.  

Past participants in the program have gone on to create initiatives addressing student mental health, fostering growth mindset in schools, enhancing connections between staff and students, and tackling poor attendance through student incentives. Check out what alumni of the program have been up to here

Program Objectives

Problem Solving

Students learn to identify and address problems they see in their communities through human-centred design thinking processes that enable students to analyse wicked problems and their root causes, and understand the diverse ways in which these problems can be overcome. 


Students are challenged to take a new, innovative approach to solving current issues by researching existing solutions and filling market gaps within their communities. 


Students understand the value of co-design and diverse, inclusive input into complex social problems. Students are taught to take on feedback from a wide range of stakeholders within schools and communities, and adapt and improve their ideas to maximise accessibility and inclusivity.

Youth Leadership

Students are empowered to understand that they are not only leaders of tomorrow, but are also changemakers of today. This approach is embedded into the program to encourage young leaders to take the first leap in stepping up in their communities to create grassroots change. 

How to access LeaderUp

LeaderUp is exclusively available to only schools who attend our Youth Leadership Conference's around Australia. Access to LeaderUp comes at no extra cost and is included in each attendees ticket. Students will have the opportunity to either participate with their school or individually.

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