Browns Plains State High School

As someone who prioritises connection with friends, family, and those close to him, Alex was aware of just how difficult it is for someone to reach out in times of need. So he jumped into action. Alex has created and received approval for Mental Health Hotlines Cards (MHHC) to be implemented in his school - a small, yet undoubtedly impactful measure to tackle poor mental health amongst students, by embedding access to mental health services into school diaries. Alex’s creation aims to destigmatise seeking mental health support amongst young people - a topic many feel they can’t speak out on, or simply don’t have time for. The year 11 student from Browns Plains State High School, in Brisbane, says that. An aspiring criminal lawyer, his MHHC project is just one stepping stone along a long career of providing justice and essential services to those who are underrepresented or in need. ‘My goal is to make my school community aware of the local resources,’ he says. ‘I want them to be able to have the confidence to reach out to them in times of need’.

Alex attended our Secondary Youth Leadership Conference and participated in the LeaderUp post event program. 

Youth Leadership Academy Australia’s very first post-event LeaderUp program saw some of Australia’s brightest young leaders come together to create an innovative solution to a problem they observed in their community. Throughout the ten-week program, students planned, organised, and proposed their projects to their schools, launching themselves into the process to create genuine, grassroots change.