St Brigid’s Catholic College

Cooper, a past attendee of our Youth Leadership Conference, shares his remarkable journey and the transformative impact of the event. Before the conference, Cooper felt a mix of nerves and curiosity. However, the experience proved to be far from his initial worries and exceeded his expectations.

The event sparked a shift in Cooper's mindset. Although he had always maintained an open outlook, self-doubt held him back. But at the conference, he felt a newfound readiness to make a difference in his community. Inspired by the testimonies shared by others, Cooper learned that mistakes are an integral part of the process, driving him to put himself out there and pursue his passions.

Cooper particularly loved the diversity of testimonies at the event. Hearing about the different paths individuals took to achieve their goals emphasised the uniqueness of each person's journey. It reinforced the idea that there are multiple ways to reach one's desired destination.

Since attending the conference, Cooper has achieved incredible success.

At just 17 years old, he became one of the youngest patrol captains in his surf life-saving branch. He was also selected to facilitate younger generations at events within his branch. In his job, Cooper excelled as the youngest night fill captain, showcasing his leadership skills and dedication. Additionally, he took on leadership roles within his local church, mentoring and leading both production and band performances. Cooper's impact extended to his school, where he initiated a boys' mental well-being and health support system, leaving a legacy for future students.

Cooper's journey demonstrates the lasting impact of the Youth Leadership Conference. It empowered him to become a leader in various areas of his life, from surf life-saving to his job, church, and school. By embracing the lessons learned at the event and overcoming self-doubt, Cooper has achieved remarkable success and made a positive impact on those around him.

Teachers, by sending your students to our conference, you provide them with an opportunity to experience their own transformative journey. Witness the growth and success of your students as they gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and create change within their communities. The Youth Leadership Conference is the catalyst for empowering young leaders like Cooper to reach their full potential.