Emma, a past participant of YLAA’s Secondary Youth Leadership Conference, shares her remarkable journey and the impact it had on her life. Get ready to be inspired!

Before attending YLAA, Emma, a newly appointed school prefect, felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. She was uncertain about what to expect from her first leadership event. Moreover, she struggled with confidence and self-assurance, like many of us do at some point in our lives. But little did she know that her experience at YLAA would be a turning point.

Setting foot into YLAA, Emma didn't have any specific expectations. However, as the event unfolded, her perspective changed entirely. YLAA not only met her hopes of gaining a few leadership skills but far surpassed them. It was a truly transformative experience.

At YLAA, Emma discovered a remarkable shift within herself. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, all united in their desire to create change, she found her confidence blossoming. The event became a catalyst for her motivation, breathing life into her long-held aspirations. Emma realised that she possessed an untapped potential to make a difference in her community.

Among the many highlights of the event, Emma particularly cherished the opportunity to hear about others' leadership experiences and learn about various strategies. Engaging with different perspectives and approaches expanded her horizons and fueled her determination to explore innovative solutions.

But the impact of YLAA didn't end with the event itself. Emma's newfound confidence and passion set her on an incredible trajectory of personal growth and achievement. Since attending YLAA, she has been tirelessly advocating for well-being, both within her school and the performing arts community. Her efforts were recognised when she received a scholarship for a program emphasising the importance of well-being in the arts.

Emma's leadership journey continued to flourish after YLAA. She helped the establishment of a debating program at her school, demonstrating her ability to initiate change and inspire others. She also became heavily involved in UN Youth programs, youth advisory boards, and the performing arts. With her love for public speaking, Emma has become a powerful advocate for causes she believes in.

As Emma reflects on her transformative experience at YLAA, she is eager to stay involved and make an even greater impact. Her story serves as a shining example of the profound influence this event can have on young leaders.