Faelan, a remarkable student who attended our Youth Leadership Conference, shares their transformative journey and the impact of the event on their life. Before the conference, Faelan struggled with self-confidence, particularly when engaging with adults and professionals. They felt their insights held no value.

Arriving at the event without expectations, Faelan was pleasantly surprised. The conference exceeded their imagination, igniting a sense of excitement and connection with like-minded young individuals. The relatable stories shared at the event empowered Faelan to explore further leadership opportunities. It marked their initial steps into a space where they could engage with peers who shared their passion for creating change.

What resonated with Faelan was the contagious energy and the respectful atmosphere that permeated the conference. Everyone felt valued and empowered to embrace new experiences.

Since the event, Faelan's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

They participated in the Leader Up program and joined the Youth Disability Advocacy Service Young Leaders program. Faelan actively contributed to workshops and focus groups with various organisations, including YACVic, Children and Young People with Disabilities Australia, and YDAS. Their valuable insights have informed policies and initiatives. Furthermore, Faelan took on the role of a panelist with Yellow Ladybugs, a national organisation for autistic girls and gender-diverse individuals. They have bravely stepped out of their comfort zone, pushing boundaries and embracing personal growth.

Faelan's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of our Youth Leadership Conference. By providing a platform for young leaders to connect, engage, and be inspired, we empower them to unleash their full potential.

Teachers, join us in sending your students to our conference. Witness their transformation as they gain confidence, find their voice, and embark on remarkable journeys of their own. Our Youth Leadership Conference is the catalyst for empowering young leaders like Faelan to create meaningful change in their communities and beyond.