Frequently Asked Questions

How many other students will attend?

In previous years, we have had to enforce capacity limits due to health restrictions, but we are expecting more students and teachers to attend this year. Last year we had 10,000 students attend Australia-wide.

How many other schools attend?

Last year we had 700 schools attend Australia-wide.

What age are the students who tend to attend the event?

Our primary conference has been designed for year 5's and 6s whilst our secondary conference is age appropriate for all years from 7 to 12.

Can we get a refund or credit on some tickets if we don’t use them?

Please read our refunds terms and conditions. If they don’t apply to you, unfortunately, we cannot offer you a refund.

Can our school get a discount for disadvantaged or low-SES students?

At YLAA our goal is to help as many students as we can. If schools or students need financial assistance, we are more than happy to negotiate with the school and offer a discount if eligible.

Can a special needs carer come with a student if they have not previously purchased a ticket?

Yes, but please email to purchase another adult ticket. Adult tickets are only $19 and payment can be done over the phone.

Can a student with special needs come?

Yes, of course. Please inform us prior to the event so we can reserve easily accessible seats and otherwise accommodate the student’s accessibility needs.

What do the speakers speak about?

The speakers are assigned a range of different topics to talk about. These topics and objectives can all be found on our website.

What do we do if we need to leave early?

If you need to leave early, please inform one of our staff and after the second break, we will seat you and your school towards the back, so no one is disturbed when you depart from the event.

What time does the event finish?

The event concludes at 2:30pm. This allows for photos to be taken at the end with the presenters, and for students and teachers to make it back to school before the end of the school day, in order to skip peak hour traffic.

What time does the event start?

The event begins at 9:15am sharp. Please promptly arrive at 8:45am to allow for check-in with event staff, and to find your seats. You don’t want to miss the beginning of the event - we like to start off with a bang!

Where do we go on the day once we arrive at the venue?

There will be signs directing you as to where to go on the day. If you get lost, ask the venue staff and they will be able to direct you to the location.

What do the students wear?

We suggest that students wear their school uniforms on the day. This makes it easier for teachers to be able to locate their students, and for facilitators to group students together based on school.

How long are the breaks for?

The two breaks are 40 minutes. Please keep in mind that it may take a couple of minutes to exit the venue and a couple of minutes to re-enter, so please factor this in when considering your available time.

What food can we purchase close by?

Please ask the venue or have a look online. Most venues should have cafes and shops nearby that sell food, but please confirm beforehand, so that nobody is left hungry on the day.

Is food provided?

No, food is not provided on the day. There will be two 40-minute breaks throughout the day for students and teachers to eat. Students and teachers are welcome to bring food or leave the venue to purchase food if they wish.

What does the day include?

SYLC - The day includes a range of different speakers sharing their stories and experiences, a ‘changemakers’ panel’, Q&A’s, interactive activities, and more.

DNL – The day includes a range of activities, speakers, Q&A’s, and more.

All events prioritise teaching essential soft skills, leadership and teamwork, entrepreneurship, innovation, and personal development for students. More information about event objectives can be found on our event website pages.

Do we need hard copy tickets?

No, on the day we will have a list with your school name and number of registered attendees. You will only need to check in at our registration desk.

Do we need the names of the students attending in order to register?

No, the names are not needed. On the day of the event, YLAA staff will undertake a headcount to make sure the number of students matches the number of tickets purchased.

What do we need to bring?

Please bring a pen, a notebook, a water bottle, and food unless you are buying food on the day. Please ask the students not to bring their school bags as the venues do not permit them in the rooms - a shoulder bag or tote bag is efficient.

Where is parking?

You can find parking information on our website in the event under “transport information”. If the details you need are not here, please contact the venue as they will be able to provide the most accurate information.