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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Some resources for 2022 that we love - and we think your students will love too


Jae Brieffies

Student Engagement Officer

The 2021 school year is almost over - but there's still much to look forward to this year and next for future-focussed students and schools. We've compiled a list that we love here at YLAA, and we think your students will find interesting as well.

1. Byron Dempsey's Intentional Gap Year Program

The much needed program that allows young adults to earn money, gain real world experience, build quality relationships, get access to world-class mentors through workshops, an online community, parties, social events, meetups and much more. The 3-month Sydney Beta program is running between December 2021 and February 2022, and is guaranteed to give senior school students and university students a great opportunity to meet and network with inspiring young professionals, gain critical life skills, and reflect critically to choose the right path for their future.

2. Australian Ed-tech Ecosystem Mapping

A great resource for students and educators, Australia’s ed-tech ecosystem is rich with tools for schools and young people to prepare for the future of work. Check out some incredible organisations and their work (plus some job opportunities for engaged young people) at the Future Minds Network’s ed-tech ecosystem map. 

3. Ripple

The social impact opportunity platform for every young person looking for opportunities to create impact in their community. Ripple is a one-stop shop for social impact jobs, internships, grants, and volunteering opportunities in for-purpose spaces and organisations. Updated regularly, and with an awesome weekly newsletter, Ripple is a great resource for students looking to stay engaged over the holidays and into the school year, and to get involved with some cool community organisations making genuine change. 

4. Max Marchione’s guide to taking a purposeful learning gap year

Max Marchione is a young changemaker who took a learning gap year, reading 75 books, taking 15 online courses, travelling to 10 countries, and overall investing in his learning - so much so that after topping his law school cohort at university, he dropped out of law, discovering that it wasn’t for him after all. He now works to bring young people opportunities, skills, and an understanding of startups. Max’s guide helps students to plan and embark on a gap year that develops their holistic learning and understanding of their place in the world, so they can move into further study or life with a greater understanding of their passions, interests and strengths. It’s essential reading for all young people who are interested in taking a gap year and investing in themselves and their learning in general. 

5. Future 25 Under 25

A group of incredible young innovators, inventors, changemakers, and leaders who are leaving a better world in their wake, even at such a young age. Show your students for some inspiration, motivation, and ideas for future-focussed change. 

We’re looking forward to wrapping up the year - but we’re even more excited to be nearing on our 2022 event series. Book tickets for your school to attend our Secondary Youth Leadership Conference or Primary Schools Dream and Lead Conference now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Additional Note: This article was written by,

Jae Brieffies

. This author is a member of YLAA's Youth Advisory Board. As our organisation continues to evolve, we want to make sure that we continue to represent and empower the voices of youth in their own affairs, that’s why we have created our first Youth Advisory Board - not only to ensure that our students’ interests are at the core of every aspect of our organisation, but also to give the young people we serve the opportunity to develop themselves personally, whilst contributing to our mission of ensuring a sustainable future for all youth.

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