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Sunday, November 28, 2021

A framework for future education - created for youth, by youth


Here at Youth Leadership Academy Australia, we’re constantly in awe of our incredible Youth Advisory Board. From all across the country, they’re demonstrating just how innovative, creative, diverse, and talented young people today can be - and channelling their talents into making their communities better for all.

We’re excited to announce that the YLAA Youth Advisory Board, comprised of 12 talented young people in years 7-12, is in the process of producing a comprehensive report on the future of education that young people want to see - scheduled for release early next year. 

Through comprehensive co-design and co-delivery processes, the YAB has channeled their ideas and inspiration into producing this report, which will contain research and recommendations for educators, advocating for student voice and inclusion in education reform. 

As the primary stakeholders in the advancement of our education systems, young people have been historically left out of the decision-making processes which impact their lives and education. 

Our Youth Advisory Board has identified a number of key foci for educational reform - and is in the process of compiling suggestions, and creating resources for educators to explore and implement student voice into their school’s decision-making and curriculum development processes. 

A few of the key issues the Youth Advisory Board has selected to research include:

  • Comprehensive and LGBTQI+ inclusive education;
  • Student choice, flexibility, and individualised learning;
  • Mental health support in schools;
  • High quality education around current social, environmental, and political issues;
  • Inclusive and in-depth leadership training and development;

and more. 

The final report will contain actionable steps and resources for teachers, educators, and school staff to enrich student development through deep listening and inclusion of student voice, enabling today’s students to become future-prepared, highly self-aware, dynamic young people.

To receive the final report, sign up to our mailing list and we’ll deliver it straight to your inbox upon release. 

We’re honoured to be sharing in this process of amplifying student voice to create inclusive progress towards a more innovative, effective, inspiring education system of the future.

Additional Note: This article was written by,

. This author is a member of YLAA's Youth Advisory Board. As our organisation continues to evolve, we want to make sure that we continue to represent and empower the voices of youth in their own affairs, that’s why we have created our first Youth Advisory Board - not only to ensure that our students’ interests are at the core of every aspect of our organisation, but also to give the young people we serve the opportunity to develop themselves personally, whilst contributing to our mission of ensuring a sustainable future for all youth.

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