Focusing on developing the skills teenagers need to not just survive but thrive.


The Program.

YLAA’s Virtual Young Leaders Academy is a four-week intensive online program for teenagers who are prepared to be equipped with the skills to take their life to the next level. Across the four weeks, students will participate in workshops, webinars and listen to recorded sessions that will develop their own sense of leadership and responsibility. 

This program is delivered with a 'hands on' approach with the focus on developing their own strategies to implement in real time to their life.

Each week you will begin a new project and make a new commitment leaving your teen ready to conquer their world.


All online! 

All registration and platform details will be sent to your inbox prior to the program commencing!


The program will officially begin on Sunday 20th June 2021 with a welcoming webinar at 7:30pm AEST.

The program will conclude on 18th July 2021.


The program will be limited to 50 teenagers who are ready to become positive influencers within their home, school and community.


Week 1               Self Leadership
                            Self Discipline & Willpower
                            Self Acceptance

Week 2              Responsibility as a Leader
                              Ownership & Accountability      

Week 3              Increasing Confidence when Communicating
                              Becoming a Resilient Leader
                              Developing Strong Coping Mechanisms
                             Health, Wellbeing and Self Care

Week 4              Setting and Achieving Goals
                              Becoming a Resilient Leader
                              The Impact You Can Create

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All webinars are between 30 and 90 minutes and are recorded. The program is subject to change based on student needs.

Is the program for your teen?

The Virtual Young Leaders Academy is by no means an easy program that you can just breeze through, this program has been designed in an accelerated style where students will be loaded with information and techniques to support their journey.

This program is for your teenager if......
- They are ready and willing to grow into a changemaker within their home, school, community and country.

- They would like to become more clear on their passion and mission, and what to do with their WHY.

- They want to develop their ability to influence and lead people and groups.

- They are ambitious and hungry to achieve their small every day goals and their bigger goals.

- They want to be able to have the discipline and mental toughness to stay committed to their goals even when it gets tough.

- They are prepared to take responsibilities for the consequences of the actions they take.

- They are ready to take full control over their future.

- They are ready to lead.

Facilitated by Wil Massara

Hi, my name is Wil 👋 I am an 18-year-old social entrepreneur with the goal to support teenagers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and all those who cross my path more empowered and more equipped to act on their inspiration and businesses. 

I grew up always thinking a little differently, with my mind always on creating a solution 🧠. I began my entrepreneurial journey at 11 with an aviation consulting website, Planeapidea - The Wikipedia of Planes with the mission to take the stress out of air travel ✈️ 

Quickly moving through high school beginning to become frustrated with the lack of leadership and business within the system, the quote by Malcolm X left a fire within me. “If not me, then who? If not now then when?” and at 15, I founded Youth Leadership Academy Australia 💥

Over the past 3️⃣ years, I have built the company to become a prominent brand supporting over 10,000 young people from over 400 schools across Australia. Additionally, I have had the privilege to speak all things business and leadership across the globe as a keynote speaker 🌏

Currently, I am studying for my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to increase my knowledge and understanding of business and how to scale effectively 👨‍💻 and continuously welcome new opportunities and speaking engagements.


Is this program right for you... or if your a guardian reading, is this program right your teenager?

The Virtual Young Leaders Academy is a hands on program where students will spend much of the time working on themselves, their goals and their vision.

Tuition cost of the entire 4 week intensive leadership program is just $99. Included in this program is 4 weeks of learning through live webinars, recorded lessons, special guests, activities, and a virtual community for students to stay connected.

The Virtual Young Leaders Academy is for teenagers who want to take their life to the next level, if this sounds like you or a teen you know... apply now.

Admission is selective and we prioritise two main things, having a learning attitude and the commitment to grow.

If students cannot afford the investment we advise them to discuss reimbursement with their guardian and / or school.

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Program Dates:
20th June 2021 to 18th July 2021.

Applications close on the 17th June 2021.

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This application will take around 6 minuites.