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Amanda Marshall

International Leadership Facilitator, Education Consultant and Empowerment Specialist

Amanda Marshall is an authentic and values-driven International Speaker, renowned for her ability to engage and inspire audiences around the globe. With a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Education, Amanda brings a unique blend of expertise in project development, consultation, and effective education delivery.

Drawing from her extensive background in youth engagement and facilitation, Amanda has successfully guided countless individuals and organizations towards achieving their goals. Through her exceptional communication skills and strategic leadership development, she has empowered individuals to unlock their full potential and catalyze positive change.

As a highly skilled facilitation trainer, Amanda's philosophy is rooted in the belief that the depth of impact organizations can make is directly correlated to the facilitators' understanding of content, mastery of the craft, and personal metacognition. Her ability to create transformative learning experiences sets her apart, enabling participants to develop their skills, enhance their self-awareness, and drive meaningful outcomes.

With a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and ways of life, Amanda has dedicated years to the Australian Indigenous education space. This experience has nurtured her profound understanding of the importance of inclusivity and equity. Passionate about fostering a more inclusive world, she tirelessly advocates for creating environments that embrace diversity and promote equal opportunities for all.

Amanda Marshall's unwavering dedication, coupled with her vast expertise in facilitation, leadership development, and cross-cultural understanding, make her an asset in driving positive change and inspiring individuals and organizations to reach new heights of success.