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Bonnie Ryan-Rowe

Educational based learning Facilitator and YLAA National Facilitator

Bonnie Ryan-Rowe is a seasoned educational facilitator known for her expertise in designing and leading extended 7 to 14-day camps. While her background includes a Bachelor's degree in Arts (Acting), her professional journey has taken her far beyond the stage, into the realm of youth leadership and empowerment.

With a fervent dedication to fostering positive change in young minds, Bonnie has transitioned from a management role to become a driving force in creating transformative learning experiences for children and teenagers. Her commitment to inspiring and engaging the next generation of leaders is at the core of her work.

One of Bonnie's remarkable strengths lies in her ability to craft innovative and hands-on learning programs. Her approach goes beyond traditional classroom education, encouraging young individuals to discover their full potential through experiential learning. Bonnie's diverse skill set, honed through her acting background, enables her to infuse creativity and passion into her programs, making them both enjoyable and effective.

Throughout her career, Bonnie has collaborated with numerous organisations, delivering leadership programs across Australia and even on the international stage, navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic with virtual engagement. Her adaptability and dedication to her mission shine through in her work, ensuring that young leaders receive the guidance and inspiration they need, regardless of the circumstances.

In recent years, Bonnie's focus has extended to partnering with local governments and youth councils to develop strategies and initiatives aimed at supporting and empowering young people within their communities. Her contributions in this regard have made her a valuable resource for these organisations, as they seek to create a brighter future for their youth.

Bonnie's reputation as an exceptional facilitator has made her highly sought-after by youth organisations throughout Australia. Her unique approach to leadership development and her passion for helping young individuals unlock their true potential set her apart in her field. Whether through camp experiences, innovative learning programs, or strategic initiatives, Bonnie Rowe continues to be a driving force in shaping the next generation of strong, capable, and compassionate leaders.