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Heather Miller

CEO and Founder of The Kindness Hub, Social Engineer and Adventure Coach

Meet Heather Miller; Founder of The Kindness Hub, Social Engineer, Adventure Coach, Public Speaker, and our NSW Lead Facilitators 🗣

From guiding leadership treks through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal to consulting for leading Universities to help to re-imagine the way universities equip graduates to shape our future; Heather Miller is an expert when it comes to connection and how we can change the world through kindness.

With a strong passion for youth development, she has assisted organisations like Scouts Australia and the Anthony Robbins Foundation to develop and facilitate core programs in the space of leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, contribution and mental wellness. 🥰

NSW Local Woman of the year for 2016, Heather Miller is someone you want on your team. With a smile on her face and the belief that ‘Every stranger is a friend you haven't met yet’, Heather is an artist when it comes to connection, creativity and the power of play, reminding friends new and old to have faith in kindness.